Title: HEB Coupons3/8/2013 10:00:04 AM
I work with the HEB Store near you. My company produces the coupons on the back of the register tapes. These coupons work very well for Chinese restaurants throughout the state. If you would like to hear more about what we do please let me know. Until then, take care.
Title: 2019/9/6 17:12:35
We tried there food and it’s not bad. I just miss having egg rolls and the sweet sauce. The red one . Disappointed ☹️
Title: 2/4/2013 9:17:42 PM
My mother and I first visited your restaurant twice at the end of December 2012/first of January 2013. At that time, your food was excellent: all meats fresh, tender and well cooked; vegetables fresh and crisp - well prepared; rice flavorful and fluffy; hot
Title: Great tasting Chinese food2/28/2016 2:13:58 PM
My family went in for dinner on a whim and had a fantastic dinner with great service. I am very picky about Chinese food... the Chinese restaurants in my area are just disappointing. I often get chicken or beef with strange textures that gross me out, or dishes that taste like I bought it in the frozen food isle...there is no pride, no love in the food. I gave up on Chinese style cuisine until I took a chance on Tang Street and was reminded of what excellent Chinese cuisine is all about; delicious, fresh and flavorful food that makes you look forward to your next visit. Tang Street has large-sized dinner portions, and I've had excellent service for my 2 dine in, and 1 take out visits. I highly recommend a visit to Tang Street...they're almost always open!
Title: Website2/2/2014 5:00:56 PM
I love the layout of this website, but the music just puts me to damn sleep. I ain't hungry no mo just fuckin sleepy as shit.
Title: Bad site design12/4/2015 3:53:47 PM
Music that plays automatically is terrible.
Title: MSG?12/20/2013 7:53:48 PM
Do you use MSG? If yes, will you take it out on request?
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